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HTTP full form is "Hypertext Transfer Protocol", and Header is nothing but a response code and its value you will send from your Web Server to Web Browser (nothing but a Client) once you visit any website page.

The HTTP Header knowledge is very useful for Website Security purpose as it will tell Web Browser on what need to be fetched from the Server. So it need to be carefully examine on what you are sending response to the Web browser.
There are more than 50 HTTP Header response code exist. Please find some of the major HTTP Headers response code that you should know and consider for your onpage SEO activity.

1) Cache-Control : To know if to take the CSS, Javascript from Cache or every time fresh copy from Server. If you Cache enabled than it will improve the performance as it will take the copies from local cache instead of Server.

2) Content-Encoding : If compression is enabled or not, like Gzip, deflate.

3) Content-Type : Specifies the Website format, if it is text/html format or any other format.

4) Vary : To tell if cached response needed or fresh response, if Cookies set it will take from Cookies. Vary:Accept-Encoding Vary:Cookie

5) X-Frame-Options : This is a Security headers Example : X-Frame-Options: deny Valid values are : deny - no rendering within a frame, not from any other location sameorigin - no rendering if origin mismatch, means it should be from same domain location. allow-from - allow from specified location, allow from mentioned location allowall - non-standard, allow from any location, Big security risk if you implement this.

6) Etag : Each Resource is assigned a unique identifier, like Javascript/CSS/image file assigned a unique id to distinguish with each other.

7) X-XSS-Protection : It is a Security headers for Cross Site Scripting Example : X-XSS-Protection: 1; mode=block

8) X-Powered-By : Specifies the technology of the Website application, Do not send this header for Security reason. X-Powered-By: ASP .Net
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